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Coaching and Classes

Mikey has been a professional acting coach for all ages for more than 5 years. He teaches both private lessons as well as group classes. Trained in the Stella Adler technique, he blends his traditional training with his unique experiences working on set as a professional actor since childhood. His teaching specializes in bringing out the real you so that your auditions, tapes and in-room technique can flourish. His classes cover a variety of key components: audition technique, character creation, script analysis, monologue, on-camera, single and multi-camera comedy, drama, Adler technique and specialty evaluations to hone in on what specific ability each individual needs help fine tuning.

His class sizes are guaranteed small, focusing on individualized attention so that each actor can develop their unique style and not get lost in an already competitive industry.

Private Coaching Packages available for students interested in on-going weekly training.


30 minute session - $75

60 minute session - $125

Prices for packages of 4, 6, 8 available upon request


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This is a multi-faceted studio where instruction continually rotates around specialized focuses to keep material fresh and ensure each actor has the opportunity to engage with each core component of the technique.


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"I wish I would have met you when this whole acting career began for him. I spent thousands in lessons and you basically taught more in that one class then he probably learned his first year!"

Holli Hager, Mom to Colt Hager

"Mikey is the best in the business. My kids booked multiple roles from working with him. My son booked a role on the new season premiere of Marvelous Mrs Maisel because Mikey coached him. Can’t thank him enough. He’s the real deal and he really really cares about the success of his clients. He wants them to book the role just as much as you do and it shows."

Annie DiStefano, Mom to Finn Douglas and Jack Casey

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